No.631/1, Sri Sunanda Mawatha, Utuwankanda, Mawanella - 71500, Sri Lanka.

Our Location


A small town situated at the foothills of a valley leading towards Kandy. Altitude of approximately 400m surrounded by mountains that bear a lot of historical evidence ,lush green paddy fields ,Rubber   plantations and the riches of exotic  spices, so is perfect for people that like mountains, although for the people that prefer the sea, renting a boat from services as is a great option as well.


Uthuwankanda is a small village within the limits of Mawanella having all natural riches, very plush, varied vegetation, streams and waterfalls and a wealth of fauna and flora. This village itself is linked in adventure and religious centers dating from the past centuries. Rich in culture and traditions, nevertheless even today it is unspoiled  with the modern invasion so much so that  a visitor has only to step out of the main road and walk not even one kilometer to the interior to encounter the village whose calm and quiet life goes back exactly to that which existed a century ago.


Perhaps one day you would just wish to relax for the day time ,you could just cross over the paddy fields and penetrate in to the interior of the friendly village where the village  folks would welcome you warmly. You are free to stop over at the blacksmith who will smilingly indicate you to sit on a bench and watch  him.His wife  would serve you a young coconut or cup of hot tea. You also could partake in the threshing ceremony where they reap the paddy harvest; sit  on the open on a mat and  partake the “Ambula” served by the hosting villagers, a delicious purely vegetarian meal served on a lotus leaf,you have to eat  with your fingers of course .Again watch the ploughing done with  the aid of buffalo bulls seated on the bund under the shady tree. This whole region is famous for pottery the finest elaborate decorative pottery  is done here manually, you would be astonished  to watch how they turn the potter’s wheel to create such lovely solid pottery. Except for Pinnewela all these visits are free and you could also walk across shady rubber plantations and watch the day pass so peacefully. There are other crop cultivation too all so very interesting.