No.631/1, Sri Sunanda Mawatha, Utuwankanda, Mawanella - 71500, Sri Lanka.

Social Responsibility

Green view, we have already a project to protect and care for stray animals, what we do is to save them against all their problems, we vaccinate them, treat their wounds with the assistance of a good veterinary and already we have five dogs and two cats they are well fed and looked and they are now part of our family.

Now our aim is to help the wounded and stray dogs and cats in our area, care them like our own, we have already organized to feed them and also to sterilize and vaccinate all animals .in order finance such a project, I have organized a souvenir sales of Sri Lanka products such as spices, oils etc.

Other aspect of this project is to help low income population in village with assistance of the government officer in charge of the affairs of the village known as Grama Niladhari. Under this project children of poor families are encouraged to produce their creations of handicrafts and paintings which are sold by us for their benefits.