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8 May

The framing of your roof

Roof framing is one of those carpenter skills that appears quite complicated, and indeed, some roof replacement designs are difficult, but not impossible. On the other hand though there are several more simple roofs that any competent framer can tackle with a little planning in advance and with the right tools at hand to handle simple and complex flashings. but of course, something like this should always be done by a professional in the field, like this roofing company in Pea Ridge.

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Even more importantly an effective building architect will often provide the roof details to the builders in the plans as a part of the design contract – failing that the designer should provide the specification of the materials and the roofing elements (eg: timber roof trusses, rafter tails, etc.) so that the constructor knows how to complete the job efficiently without mistakes and in the proper sequence so that things are all handled correctly at the critical points on the roof such as gable ends or changes in pitch etc.

According to companies like, roofs are basically five types: shed, gable, hip, gambrel and mansard. Shed is the simplest roof form; one side slopes and the other is flat with or with out overhangs. Gable has one slope that runs from front to back of the building and the opposite side has two sloping (or more) surfaces meeting at a peak in the centre to form a triangle for the gutter to sit under like a triangle drop fronted fridge door on a hinge side. So each side of the building has a pitched surface and a sloped one and they both meet in a common point at a peak in the centre of the triangular part of the dwelling forming a centre of gravity for wind carrying water away like a weathercock on top of the roof of the spire of a church… in other words they are called gabled roofs not because the roofs are shaped like the letter G. The peaks of the gutters are actually where the two different types of side of a-roofed house join as one whole and has a wall intersection in common just like the boxy part and lower rectangular part is where the two sides of two adjoining houses join together and they have a wall junction in that lower part of their conjoined. If you find an issue with your roof, then contact a residential roof repair and roof replacement company. To maintain any roofing, get an annual roof inspection from your local residential and commercial roofing service.

A mansard roof is a type of roof that has four sides, with two slopes on each side. The central portion of the slanted sections is a steep slope called a gable and the lower two sloping sides are shallower and dodecagonal projections on each side of the central area called eaves (French for “twelve”) or ridges. It is common for Commercial Roof Replacement Services to work on this type of roof. Their durability is not an issue, since they are quite common for small business and other small types of establishments.

Historically, the steeply pitched manzardi was popular in French-architecture since the late 17th century to mid-18th century as a distinguishing feature between the highly decorated architectural façade and built-outer facades of earlier buildings in Paris; more so than in previous centuries due to the financial ability of patrons following the French revolution to own a greater number of public properties and edifices. So, if you want to replace your old roof in Washington Crossing, PA, contact your local contractors.